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Concentrated juice

We create concentrated juices by evaporating water from fruit juice. Evaporation of water, usually performed under vacuum, leads to an increase in juice production by 7 times. Then the concentrate is restored by adding water.

At all stages of production, from the supply of fruits and vegetables to a processing plant to the bottling of finished concentrated juice, a specialized laboratory carries out strict quality and safety control of the product. To prevent microbiological damage, the juice is brought to a temperature of at least 92 degrees.

Concentrated juice has a thick and viscous consistency.

The main advantage of concentrate production is that it is easier to transport and store, as the weight and volume of the product are reduced. Concentrates are also less sensitive than NFC juice to microbial spoilage and organoleptic changes caused by temperature.

Concentrated juices contain neither sugar nor other sweeteners. Concentrated juices are not intended for direct consumption and are used for the manufacture of reconstituted juices, nectars and juice drinks, as well as other products, such as fruit jellies.

Along with this, the collection of aromatic substances that evaporate during boiling is carried out. The resulting concentrated juice is pumped into tanks.

Apple juice

Strawberry juice

Cherry juice

Currant juice

Elderberry juice


Our company produces natural, safe foods for a healthy diet.

GMO free
Without preservatives
No sugar added
Without dyes

Quality system

Our own laboratory controls the entire production process, from the receipt of raw materials to the finished product and further distribution to our customers.

Additional analyzes conducted by independent and accredited laboratories confirm consistently high quality.

Our factories

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