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Semi-finished direct extraction juices or natural freshes of industrial manufacturing (international abbreviation «NFC»«Not from Concentrate») are produced by pressing chopped fresh ripe fruits or vegetables during harvest time. For their manufacturing only fresh, undamaged and unspoiled fruit are selected.

To obtain the juice gathered fruits or fresh vegetables are delivered to the fruit-processing plant. Processing of raw materials various technologies are used, which usually consist of several phases- receiving, cleaning, inspection of fresh fruits (vegetables), raw milling, actually obtaining the juice mechanically (using presses), single heat treatment (pasteurization), filling in sterile packaging.

The juice is stored at temperature 0 .. +25 ° C without access of air. Under such conditions the directly expressed juice do not loses its quality and keeps all the useful properties for a long time (24 months).

During the production of directly expressed juices are not applied concentration, stabilization, lighting, restoration by adding drinking water and aromatics. 

Apple juice

Strawberry juice

Cherry juice

Currant juice


Our company produces natural, safe foods for a healthy diet.

GMO free
Without preservatives
No sugar added
Without dyes

Quality system

Our own laboratory controls the entire production process, from the receipt of raw materials to the finished product and further distribution to our customers.

Additional analyzes conducted by independent and accredited laboratories confirm consistently high quality.